Every life writes a story and every story can change a life.
Daniel Andreas Sager



2015 / Documentary Film / 90min

A farmer woman from Kenya and a shepherd boy want to run their way out of poverty. Their hope is to be able to join highly paid marathons in Europe with the help of a German athletics manager. A journey into presumed luck unexpectedly leads to the limits of human capacity. How much can hope make you endure pain in the fight against your own body? A thickly woven network of dependencies emerges, in which there is no decision free of consequences for another.

Website: www.thelongdistance.de

  • Caligari Advancement Award 2013
  • Filmfestival Haifa, Docu-Village international Mentorship Program, Israel
  • No Fear Award 2015
  • First Steps Award 2015 nominated for best documentary
  • 11. Zurich Filmfestival 2015, Swiss
  • Nominated for the Baden-Württembergischer Film Prize
  • Film Festival Max-Ophüls-Preis 2016, Saarbrücken
  • International Documentary Film Festival DokFest Munich, 2016
  • One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2016, Prague
  • Beijing International Film Festival 2016, China, Nominated as Best Feature Documentary
  • Documentary Film Festival One World Slovakia 2016, Bratislava
  • Festival International de Cinema Ecrans Noir 2016, Cameroon
  • Docs MX, Festival Internacional de Cine de la Ciudad de México 2016
  • Zimbabwe International Film Festival 2016
  • 16th Escales Documentaires - International Festival of Documentary, La Rochelle, France
  • 13th East Silver Market 2016
  • 14th International Short & Independent Film Festival Dhakar, Bangladesh
  • Nomination für ‘Golden Kapok Award’, Guangzhou International Doc Film Festival, China
  • Filmfestival Les Escales documentaires de Libreville 2016, Gabon
  • 16th WATCH DOCS International Filmfestival, Warsaw/Poland
  • 18th Madurai Film Festival 2016, Madurai/India
  • 6th Colortape International Film Festival, Australia
  • ONE Country ONE Film International Festival, Le Mans/France
  • North Carolina Film Award 2016, Raleigh/USA
  • International Film Festival of the Caribbean Sea, Nueva Esparta/Venezuela